Dimanche, avril 20, 2014


Kevin Tran   |   http://kevintran.co

"A set of 3 professional CV’s for marketing and brand strategist Amanda Lee."

Kevin is a Sydney-born artist and multidisciplinary designer currently living and working in London, United Kingdom. When he’s not painting or hanging out with the Adobe suite, you’ll find him trawling through soundcloud or cutting some shapes on the dancefloor. He believes in the pairing of strong ideas and strategic thinking with beautifully crafted execution to produce visual concepts that are engaging, meaningful and memorable.

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Samedi, avril 19, 2014


Radio Kobayashi Records
by Remco van Dun

Vendredi, avril 18, 2014


Gorky Park Paper
by Anastasia Genkina

Jeudi, avril 17, 2014
Mercredi, avril 16, 2014
Mardi, avril 15, 2014
Lundi, avril 14, 2014


Wild Horses
by Maxime Heirbaut

Dimanche, avril 13, 2014